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Top Five signs of hearing loss

top five signs of hearing lossHave to turn the TV volume louder

Some of the newer thin screen TVs don’t have the best sound quality. But if you are having to turn up the volume louder than you used to, and especially if people are complaining that the TV is too loud, you might have a hearing problem.

Have to ask people to repeat

Yes, young people today don’t speak clearly and they don’t always project their voices. We tend to have poor communication habits with people we are around all the time, such as talking from another room, or when the TV is on, or the water is running. But if you frequently have to ask people to repeat what they are saying, you might have a hearing problem.

Have to look at people when they are talking

Do you find it easier to understand people if you can see their faces when they are talking? Most hearing losses start in the high-pitched range. Luckily the high-pitched sounds are easier to lip-read. You might be lipreading and not even know it. Plus, when the person talking to you is looking at you, the sound is directed towards you which means you are receiving more of the speech signal. If you have need to look at people when they are talking to you, you might have a hearing problem.

Have difficulty hearing in crowded or noisy environments

Background noise is a difficult listening situation for everyone, even if you have normal hearing. But if you can’t follow a conversation in a noisy environment, if speech sounds like the adults on a Charlie Brown cartoon (you can hear talking, just can’t understand what is being said), or you just give up and don’t talk because you can’t hear, you might have a hearing problem.

Family/friends are complaining that I don’t hear

Most people with hearing loss don’t necessarily recognize it at first. It is usually their family and friends who notice the change. If your family or friends complain about your hearing, it’s because they recognize that you are not hearing as well as you used to. They want to talk to you! If they complain, it’s because they are concerned. Even if you feel like you are hearing ok, if friends and family complain that you are not hearing, you might have a hearing problem.

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