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Sinus or Migraine HeadacheSinus Headache or Migraine Headache?

Patients who suffer from headaches often find it difficult to determine the exact cause. Severe sinus headaches can be confused with migraine headaches, and some people can suffer from both conditions, where sinus headaches can even be a trigger for migraine headaches. 

Sinus headaches often involve the cheeks, forehead, or retro orbital (behind the eye) locations. These are commonly accompanied by nasal symptoms, and are relieved with either allergy or decongestant medications. Sinus headaches do not typically have the aura, photophobia, or unilateral presentation seen with migraine headaches. 

That being said, in patients who suffer from both conditions, the symptoms can blend together, as sinus pressure may lead to migraine headache. As sinus specialists, we commonly evaluate, diagnose, and treat people suffering from sinus headaches. Correcting underlying sinus disease may lessen the frequency of migraine headaches in patients who suffer from both conditions.


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