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Tonsillectomy in Corpus Christi

Is sleep apnea keeping you up at night? Are your tonsils constantly inflamed? If you or your child suffers from chronic throat infections that have caused tonsilitis or struggle to sleep you may be a good candidate for a tonsillectomy.

What Causes Swollen Tonsils?

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Everyone has tonsils; little masses of soft tissue attached to each side of the back of the throat. These bumpy little lumps are related to lymph tissues. Contrary to the widely-circulated myth, the tonsils actually do—or should—serve a useful purpose. As a component of the lymphatic system, they were designed to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses, catching them before they go further down your throat and into your system. Often, though, when they fight germs they can become inflamed. 

What Is Tonsilitis?

Unfortunately for many people, however, the tonsils themselves become infected and inflamed. We call this situation tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is most often caused by streptococcus, but can also be caused by various versions of influenza, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, and others. For those whose tonsils seem to be susceptible to infection and inflammation, some scary symptoms can keep them up at night:

  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty breathing (the tonsils swell, narrowing the airway)
  • Difficulty swallowing and talking
  • Hoarseness
  • Tonsils become red or covered with white or yellow coating
  • Swelling in the neck area by the jaws
  • Fever and chills
  • Ear pain
  • Halitosis

What Is a Tonsillectomy? Will It Affect My Immune System?

If swollen tonsils and sore throats become frequent and significantly disrupt you or your child’s life, visit Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy for a clear diagnosis and to discuss whether having a tonsillectomy (surgery to remove enlarged and infected tonsils) is the right option. Although the tonsils serve as part of the immune system, studies have found that people who have had a tonsillectomy don’t suffer a decrease in immunity when they lack tonsils.

All tonsillectomies are out patient and the never result in overnight surgical center stays. By following recovery instructions (including plenty of rest, quiet, lots of liquids and soft foods for several days), you or your child will be feeling better soon. 

Tonsillectomy with COBLATION Technology

A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. Tonsillectomies are performed for a variety of reasons with two of the most common being chronic tonsillitis and tonsillar hypertrophy (enlarged tonsils). Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. Tonsillectomies are a relatively quick procedure, and most patients can go home the same day.

Dr. Todd Weiss offers a gentler treatment for tonsillectomy called COBLATION Technology. COBLATION technology combines radiofrequency energy and saline to create a plasma field. The plasma field remains at a relatively low temperature as it precisely ablates the targeted tonsil tissue. The COBLATION plasma field removes target tissue while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

Why Was COBLATION Tonsillectomy Developed?

Surgeons and patients alike have searched for years for a better way to remove the tonsils. Because the tonsils are located in the throat, removing them with an electrosurgery device can often lead to painful damage of nearby tissue. COBLATION technology offered an alternative to high-heat electrosurgery.

How is a COBLATION Tonsillectomy Different From a Standard Tonsillectomy?

Unlike the electrosurgery procedure, a COBLATION tonsillectomy generates significantly lower temperatures on contacted tissue. This gives surgeons the ability to precisely remove targeted tonsil tissue while preserving the nearby healthy tissue.

COBLATION technology precisely removes tissue by dissolving the tonsils at the molecular level rather than rupturing or burning the cells.

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