Myringotomy Ear Tubes and Placement in Corpus Christi, TX

Myringotomy tubes are small tubes placed into the ear drum that equalize the pressure between the middle ear space and the outside world. Equalizing this pressure prevents fluid from building up in the middle ear such as in chronic otitis media, and also keeps pressure from building in cases of Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Myringotomy Tubes for Adults and Children

These tubes are placed using a simple surgical procedure in the operating room in children, and often in the office setting in adults. Placement of myringotomy tubes takes less than 10 minutes and instantly treats conditions such as chronic otitis media, recurrent ear infections, middle ear fluid resulting in hearing loss, and pressure and pain in the ear from Eustachian tube dysfunction, and instantly stops the need for prolonged oral and topical daily medications. These tubes stay in place on average for 6 months to 3 years depending upon the condition being treated, and fall out of the eardrum on their own.

Chronic ear conditions at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy are first evaluated with a thorough physical examination, medical treatment when beneficial, testing when appropriate, and recommended myringotomy tube placement when therapeutic in adults and pediatric patients.

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