Patient Testimonials of our Corpus Christi Office

We make it a priority to ensure all our patients have a wonderful experience at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus and Allergy. If you are happy with your treatment, or a member of our staff, please consider leaving us a testimonial.

Testimonials From Our Patients

My husband had sinus surgery 10/27/2023 and we are so thankful for Dr. Weiss and his complete staff. They are very professional and welcoming which is always helpful during any type of procedure. We highly recommend Dr. Weiss should you have sinus issues.

Mike and wife Kay

Dr. Marilyn Pimental of Corpus Christi ENT is absolutely amazing! She was able to identify a condition I’ve had for years very quickly and accurately. Dr Pimental was also great at explaining the condition and how to manage it in clear, easy to understand terms. The staff at this office is also very welcoming and made me feel as though we’ve known each other for years. A great office for your ENT needs!! Thank you!!

Thank you Dr Weiss and team, I’m 69 and have had sinus infections/issues all my life. This is the absolute BEST ENT team I’ve had the privilege of being blessed with!!! They are kind, friendly, professional, and efficient ALL the time!!! I love and appreciate every single staff member @ Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy, keep up the good work you are doing. I definitely highly recommend them for anyone with sinus or allergy problems, you won’t find a better doctor/team!


Dr. Weiss is kind, informative, genuine, and most importantly, an excellent surgeon. His staff members are also helpful and friendly. I had a septoplasty and turbinectomy with Dr. Weiss and the ability to breathe was immediate. I am so incredibly pleased with the outcome.

From first visit, procedure to final follow-up, Dr Weiss and and all of his staff were true professionals. I was apprehensive having never had any procedure performed. They made me feel at ease and was a non painful event. Dr Weiss is a great listener, has one of the best personalities, and most of all, is very skilled and knowledgeable. I recommend him to anyone who has the need for a professional ENT


I was referred to Dr. Weiss by my allergist and have been so happy with not only Dr. Weiss but all of his staff as well. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. The best thing of all is Dr. Weiss taking care of a sinus issue I’ve had for 20 years or more! I highly recommend Dr. Weiss for his professionalism and care. Definitely a medical superstar. Thank you Dr. Weiss!

I just had the balloon sinuplasty procedure done on Friday 5/19/2023. The staff at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy are very thorough, professional and friendly. They explain in detail what is to be expected before during and after the procedure. The doctor is very professional approachable and listens to your concerns about the procedure. He is genuinely concerned with the patient’s well being. His experience is reflected with the great results I am experiencing. I am so grateful to have had this procedure done. I am also very thankful for the doctor and staff of Corpus Christi ENT Sinus and Allergy for taking care of me. I am breathing better and more freely because of what all of you do. It has only been a week but according to the doctor it is only going to get better. I highly recommend to anyone who is considering balloon sinuplasty with their doctor’s recommendation of course to have it done at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus and Allergy. You won’t regret it. : )

I am 64 years old. I have suffered from blocked nasal passages all of my life, constantly using afrin to help me breath. Forcing me to breathe through my mouth, never being able to sleep on my stomach or side. I have been to multiple ENT’s in my lifetime. Dr Weiss is the first one who did a scan of my sinuses to actually see the problem. He saw an internal bone spur obstruction that had obviously been there all of my life. He performed a procedure to remove it and also a sinuplasty that opened up my sinuses. It was magic, for the first time in my life I could breath without my mouth open. I cannot recommend Dr Weiss and his staff enough.

At this very moment, it has been 8 weeks since my procedure was performed. I have not had the need to take any allergy medication, nor have I had any issues with snoring or the sleep apnea from my sinuses closing up from being congested. Having this surgery has made a major change in my life, in that I am finally able to get the oxygen my body needs from the ability to actually breathe through my nose. From the initial appointment, Dr. Weiss and his staff have been the greatest to deal with in all aspects of my personal venture with correcting all of my sinus issues. His team is by far top notch and answered all of my questions and concerns. This literally left me with no concerns with the procedure (balloon Sinuplasty along with a bone spur removal) that was presented to me. They were also able to allow me time to get everything figured out and situated before scheduling the date of the procedure. It is not always easy for a single individual to find a friend or family member to assist with the simple needs of driving one to and from the procedure. I have and will still continue to suggest to anyone I talk to about my experience to go and see Dr. Weiss and his staff at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy.

Dr. Weiss was very friendly and kind. He did a great job making my baby comfortable for his procedure. I highly recommend him, his amazing office team and nursing staff!

Dr. Weiss did my thyroidectomy for me after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He did such an amazing job of explaining everything to me and answering any questions I had. Such a skilled, kind doctor!

Dr Weiss makes me feel like I am his only patient. I’m not just a number in this office. I always feel like a friend when I’m leaving! The staff is on point with reminders, answering any and all questions I have and call back quickly if they don’t have the answer at hand. I appreciate this office and their attention to detail.

I’m very surprised that my wait time was very short, I arrived early and I was called to the triage area before my appointment time and every staff I met are very friendly, polite and knowledgeable, Dr. Weiss was super nice and very professional and very helpful in explaining my condition. Thanks.

This was my initial first visit. I have to say that Corpus Christi sinus and allergies was very professional. Very polite and the establishment was very clean. I’m glad I got a referral to Corpus Christi, sinus and allergy and Dr. Todd Weiss he was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to me. Thanks again, Corpus Christi, sinus and allergy for a great overall experience.

I highly recommend this facility. They are all very professional, efficient and accommodating. Dr Weiss and staff are exceptional and welcoming, I’m so pleased with my treatment and results here.

Super attentive and personal!

Absolutely wonderful and gained so much insight that was never divulged before. Friendly staff and quick in and out.

Had a hearing test and evaluation yesterday. Dr Weiss and his team are very professional, thorough and take the time to listen to my health issues. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Every time I’ve been to Dr. Weiss’s office I’ve had the same experience – staff who are very friendly, professional, efficient and attentive. The wait time is short and the facility is spotless. Dr. Weiss took time to explain his findings and answer my questions. I appreciate that it’s definitely NOT a “treat ‘em and street ‘em” practice.

Thank you Corpus Christi ENT for the efficient and professional services I received from both staff and Dr Weiss. What a great experience. Thanks again Dr Weiss.

Dr Weiss and his staff are simply amazing. The visits are never long and I can get in and out in 45 minutes. Dr Weiss is thorough with his medical information and I leave the office knowing exactly what I need to do. I recommend this office 10/10 times.

I have had a great experience as a patient of Dr Weiss M.D. Every procedure that was done was explained to me and every question I had was answered. I highly recommend Dr Weiss M.D.

Dr. Weiss is super great, the receptionists are great, the nurses are good.

I am very pleased with the care I received from my doctors and nurses at Corpus Christi ENT Sinus and Allergy.

This provider is awesome! Everyone, from the front desk to all of the support staff, were very professional and kind. One of the best medical experiences I’ve ever had! I highly recommend them.

Dr Weiss is definitely one of the best doctors I have ever been to. He patiently answered all of my questions and checked me over thoroughly. After the balloon Sinuplasty my problems with severe headaches and dizziness leading to multiple serious falls (broken bones, concussions, black eyes) finally resolved. Many thanks to him and his wonderful staff.

I’m 68 and have suffered with chronic sinus troubles since I was a teenager….Dr Weiss and his staff are outstanding! Dr Weiss is the best ENT doctor, I simply can’t say enough good things about him….He is outstanding in his field of expertise!

Jennifer Cantu, NP, was incredible! She listened to my concerns, was proactive in her treatment and very knowledgeable. Very compassionate and caring. Even scoped me efficiently on the first visit instead of making me schedule additional visit. She treated me with excellent care, from one medical professional to another. I look forward to my follow up to discuss my plan. Thank you so much for your kindness!

The office staff and Dr. Weiss were awesome! The Staff was so friendly and courteous. They were so patient and helpful when I was filling out all the forms and answered all my questions. Dr. Weiss listened to all my concerns and was very courteous and he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He took his time in examining me and explaining to me what my problem was and how to maintain myself. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and to know that their are doctors like Dr. Weiss in the medical field. Thank you!

Dr. Weiss is beyond phenomenal and surpasses all expectations. I have taken my daughter to another large ENT organization in corpus and regretted it the minute the doctor assessed her. I will only trust Dr. Weiss from here on out. Today was our second visit with him and both times have been beyond amazing. My daughter, who is 11, even commented how nice and caring Dr. Weiss was. If you want the best experience along with the best expertise, Dr. Weiss is the clear choice.

Dr. Weiss restored my ability to breathe with ease! My inpatient surgery of Sinuplasty went well with no complications. I am so grateful to Dr. Weiss and his staff! Everyone is so friendly and put me at ease. Next, I’m planning to have my hearing checked. Thank you all again! 

Excellent team in every aspect; I can’t thank Dr. Weiss enough for his expertise and the relief I had after having my procedure! I Strongly recommend visiting with Dr. Weiss and his team if you’re having any sinus or allergy concerns.


I have been blessed with a wonderful Doctor and his wonderful BEST staff! You are the best and I was glad to have what I needed done with Dr. Weiss and how he explained everything to me! ONE HAPPY AND BLESSED CAMPER!


Dr. Weiss and Dr. Pimentel are absolutely phenomenal! Both of them were so kind and listened to me trying to find answers to my situation. Dr. Weiss took his time to evaluate and explained everything patiently. The front office staff are also fantastic! Terrie and Marilynn helped me so much with my insurance and also took great care of me and helped to reduce my anxiety. I highly recommend Corpus Christi ENT.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Weiss and his practice. He is an outstanding ENT and has provided exceptional care to multiple members of my family. He is personable, thorough, and kind. The staff at Corpus Christi ENT are wonderful! They provide excellent customer service, and they take a personal interest in their patients. They know me by name when I call in for help, and they do their best to meet my needs. If you or a loved one need an ENT, schedule an appointment with Dr. Weiss!

I had surgery to correct my deviated septum. Dr. Weiss and all the assistants were nice & friendly, and neither my appointments before or after surgery felt like they took too long. Overall great service and pleasant atmosphere.

I am submitting a review for my mother. She was so happy with the staff and doctor. Their professionalism and how special they made my mother feel. Thank you so much from my mother and her daughter. As a busy nurse myself and living out of town I can’t be at all her appointments. Thank you for treating my mother with so much love. May God bless you all.” 🙏❤️

This was my very first visit and I received excellent care from Dr. Weiss and his staff the entire time that I was there. Everyone was so kind, caring and professional. I was treated so well and felt valued as a patient unlike my experience with the other Ear, Nose and Throat Associates across town. After my exam, Dr. Weiss thoroughly explained his diagnosis of my problem and I am finally seeing and having excellent results. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his staff and will refer my family and friends to Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy, also.


I fought sinus and breathing problems for 25 years. I could not sleep in my own bed; I had to sleep sitting upright. Dr Weiss did an excellent job of repairing my nasal passages and I never experienced the pain of surgery which I expected to encounter. Thank you so very much!

Dr. Weiss’ personnel, Marilyn, Nurse Practitioner Cantu, all treated me with great service… Thank you so much.


Great, friendly staff. Been coming here for years for various sinus problems. Wouldn’t recommend any other place.

I am very happy with the staff in this office. I feel so comfortable with the procedures and diagnosis I am given. I trust them and can not say enough about how confident I am with their work. Marylynn is awesome she always makes sure I have what I need before I leave. Awesome Awesome I give you all 10 stars.

I am so very happy with my Balloon sinusplasty that I just recently had done on 2/25/22. From the front desk personnel, to the nurses, Ms. Angie, patient relations, the Doctor who healed me, the surgery assistants and the anesthesiologist. Everyone so very helpful and attentive and a great experience but most of all I have a brand new breathing system all because of you. I couldn’t feel any happier. T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!!! From now on anybody I know is having sinus health issues I’ll make sure they come to y’all!

Dr. Weiss is excellent. A parathyroid removal was done and the scar from the incision is minimal. He spoke with my husband after surgery letting him know everything went fine. Very patient and answered all the questions I had before & after surgery. Staff is excellent, courteous, and very accommodating. I recommend Dr. Weiss highly. The best doctor I have found in Corpus Christi area and if the need arises, I will go back.




Dr. Weiss and his staff are extraordinarily courteous and professional. He is certainly the best ENT I’ve seen.


Dr.Todd Weiss and employees are the best.


Everything was great! Staff/Nurses and Dr. Weiss! Spohn South Hospital in Corpus Christi


Since I was In high school I ignored the fact I was not able to breathe at my full potential. I was always on the go, working, being a productive member of our corporate culture. Since then, 10 years have passed and I finally decided to take action of my breathing, stuffy nose and sinus problems. Dr Weiss and his staff evaluated me and diagnose me with my problem. I wish I would have known this years ago. Finally I decided to do a Balloon Sinuplasty procedure which would change my life completely! I can now breathe at my full potential through my nose, and I am not tired and sluggish and mentally drained like I was before. I’m able to breathe and take in more oxygen when I sleep and now I do not snore or use my CPAP machine anymore. Thank you Dr. Weiss and your professional staff for helping me and changing my life for the better!?




Awesome and totally excellent professional care was the take away impression of the entire staff of Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy Clinic, located on Saratoga Avenue. From the first visit on 3/8/2021, I was calmed by the welcoming professionalism displayed by the entire staff. The initial intake processing only lasted few minutes and the wait to get called didn’t last more than 10 minutes in the entire visits to the clinic. In each of the visits to the clinic including the post-surgery on 4/30/2021, I didn’t feel rushed at any stage of the visits. The nurses response to questions was respectful and to the point. The attitude and high professionalism of Dr. Weiss indeed was reassuring. He was polite and well spoken. I particularly was impressed in the manner he explained the issues to the patient. Always taking time with the patient and asking the right questions that left me in no doubt I was in the right office for the best professional sinus care. Please keep the standard going and thank you for all you do. I highly recommend!”


Very satisfied with all staff and Doctor.


Took my 92 year old mother in for hearing test. We were well treated and everything was explained in a very informative way. We are happy with the service and friendliness of the people there.


Dr. Weiss and his entire staff were exceptionally professional and efficient. Angie could not have been more accommodating by securing an expedient appointment. Dr. Weiss was laser focused with and listened attentively to every word I had to say. I have further tests and procedures forthcoming with Dr. Weiss. I am secure and confident to be under his care. Thank you.


The doctor and staff are top notch. Very professional yet, also personal. The doctor has a soft touch and is very informative. I would highly recommend this doctor and staff.

John and Sharon

Thank you so much for being so sweet and reassuring to my 4-year-old. The whole process starting with the myringotomy was scary for her, but the whole staff has always made her feel so safe and kept her smiling. I’m forever grateful!


Staff is amazing!!!


I love coming to your office because your staff is always so nice, and the NP Jennifer Cantu is absolutely great.


I am so blessed I was referred to this Drs. office! I am very satisfied with the Nurse Practitioner who saw me and I was very well advised! I was well informed from her and am now happy!! And the staff were great ladies who supported me and helped me as well! Thank you all so much!


Excellent service. All the staff were polite, professional and helpful. Very understanding and explained procedures well.


October 8, 2020 Appointment with Dr. Beams. My husband was her satisfied patient and 5 years ago my hearing loss took me to Dr. Sheri Beans also! She is Knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy, and truly cares about her patients! I have recommended her to many of my friends! She is my audiologist! I need no second opinion!!!!


Always great, Dr. Weiss is always pleasant and knowledgeable.
The staff is always courteous.


Location on Saratoga very nice staff people and the doctor was very understanding and treated me good.


I have thyroid nodules and have yearly ultrasounds and check ups to make sure they don’t turn into something worse. I have been seeing Dr. Weiss and feel very reassured by his care and treatment of me. His staff is amazing and everyone is very easy to talk to. I recommend Dr. Weiss if anyone is in need of an ENT.


Dr. Weiss and staff was a professional team. I was taken care of very well through out the complete Balloon Sinus treatment. Follow up was completely professional with Jennifer Cantu that helped me during my healing. I’m very happy to be seen by Dr. Weiss and Staff. Thank you for your wonderful treatment.

Dr. Weiss and the entire staff were very cordial and made me feel comfortable. They answered my questions in simple terms, made me feel at ease.


Overall it was a good experience here having the balloon sinus surgery. The staff and Drs are very well experienced and I liked the feedback from all the questions I had. My only criticism is to have a day by day procedure explaining what exactly to do and what medications to take. To me the process was very fast and having specific listed instructions would have helped. Good job! 


Always a pleasure. Friendly staff.


Dr. Weiss performed a repair to my deviated septum on 8/18/2020. He, his staff, Eva the check in nurse and anesthesiologist Dr. Peltier were professional and helped me feel at ease. Follow-up, calls, care, and explanations were so appreciated. This practice and the Surgicenter on Saratoga are highly recommended. Covid guidelines were adhered to as well.


Always a pleasant experience when we visit CCENT Sinus and Allergy. The hearing exam with Dr. Beams was quick and painless! We are very satisfied with the service we receive!!


Very professional. Staff was great and no issues whatsoever. Facility used was sanitized and never felt like there were any issues. Dr. Weiss is one of the best doctors I have seen I have seen I a while. Very courteous and listens to any questions or concerns.


After surgery follow up was great. Staff is always friendly and considerate of social distancing. Dr Weiss explained everything as he was going. Dr Weiss is the third ENT that I’ve seen – and him and his staff are keepers. I finally found relief!


Okay well here is my personal review of the Corpus Christi ENT office, normally when I write a review its because of bad service and or bad experience. I suffer from allergies and the last two months have been the worst. I have been to other allergist’s and I will tell you I never went back or sought treatment after the first visit. I was referred to the above named allergist and made an appointment. I tell you when I walked into the office it was a great feeling. The office was spotless and well arranged. I was immediately greeted by the front desk clerk who I later identified as Angie, she was very polite, she took my information and asked me to have a seat. I did as requested and was later called to the back for my exam by another polite young lady that I later identified as Valerie G. she was so pleasant and made me feel welcome and glad to be there. She took my vital signs and asked all of the pertinent questions that were necessary. I was then taken to another room where I waited for the Doctor. A short while later Dr. Weiss came into the room and spoke with me about my condition, he was such a polite well spoken Doctor and explained everything that I needed to know before and after my exam. Last but not least was when I was escorted to the final check out, I had to the pleasure to meet with another very pleasant and polite person whom I identified as Marilyn. She was such a wonderful person who took her time to explain everything to me to make sure that I understood everything that was needed and or required. My visit to the center was great and all of the employees were great.


I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his staff! Since day one I’ve been greeted with a smile by Angie and Marilynn. Dr. Weiss, Johanna and the rest of his staff have been so patient and understanding when caring for myself and my children. They even took the time to listen to everything we had to say. I feel extremely confident in recommending Dr. Weiss and his staff to anyone having ENT issues!


Recently, I suffered from a very painful, unexpected ear condition and was referred to this clinic from an urgent care. I called and spoke to Marilyn at the front desk and explained my condition. As you can imagine, no appointments were available for about 3 weeks considering we are in the middle of a Pandemic. Marilyn was extremely professional, compassionate and her attitude was outstanding! While they normally don’t do a “waiting list”, she took down all of my information promised me back a call. Within an hour, she called back and said that she was able to speak to her office manager and Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Cantu and was able to get me in the very next morning. They absolutely went above and beyond! Their service, treatment and professionalism was evident at every step of the way. Caring, compassionate, thorough and simply outstanding! What a great team of HERO’s ! Thank you all for the outstanding care and service!”


I had a balloon sinuplasty performed by Dr. Weiss. Best decision I ever made. Feel great sleep sound no more allergy meds. Dr. Weiss diagnosed me quickly and correctly. Entire staff was great. increased my quality of life tremendously.

Dr. Weiss and his entire staff are not only extremely professional, but kind and caring to boot, from the time you walk in the office, to the time you walk out.  That makes for the combinations I always look for in a Doctor.  I HIGHLY recommend these folks for all your ENT needs!

Dr. Weiss was extremely thorough with my husband’s appointment today. We had not gotten great patient care in our previous ENT visit in another office, therefore leading us to find this awesome treatment with Dr. Weiss! So excited to continue in his care.

GREAT from start to finish! I had a terrible sinus infection that had gone on for 2 months. Everyone, from his front office staff to the nurses to Angelita the “insurance lady” were awesome. I had to have a Balloon Sinuplasty. The procedure was painless, the Anesthesiologist was awesome, and I have my life back. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks to you all!


I’ve had two procedures done by Dr. Weiss, both times, himself and all of the staff have been very helpful, caring, and professional. The new office is very nice with amazing medical equipment and the staff involved for checking in and checking out were great at making me feel comfortable/welcomed. I highly recommend this facility for anyone searching for any ENT related procedures.

I want to commend the entire staff at Corpus Christi ENT! What an awesome awesome staff! From the beginning to the end! Walking in to this facility is a pleasure! Front office staff are kind and patient! My daughter has Down Syndrome and Autism and up until a few months ago she was still in “Pediatric” world which is very different from “adult” world as far as medical care! My daughter is treated well here by EVERYONE!
I met Dr Weiss today and he was exceptional with my daughter! So much so that I wanted to cry (as a mom with a special needs child some of you will understand that comment). I am so grateful for the care this facility provides! Thank you all for your professionalism and caring demeanor.

Everyone is very courteous and professional. I love the new location it is beautiful. And the audiologist is wonderful too!


I am 68 and have suffered with chronic sinusitis most of my life, Dr Weiss and his team are amazing! Just had him perform a bilateral endoscopic sinus surgery on me on 8/23/2022, I was extremely pleased with the entire process!!! Dr Weiss and his entire team are efficient, competent, knowledgeable, caring, and kind! Best ENT doctor and team I’ve ever encountered, I highly recommend Dr Weiss for all you ENT needs! It truly was a 10 ⭐️ experience!


It is a rare thing to find a great doctor in Corpus Christi. Even more elusive is an ENTIRE staff that is ALWAYS pleasant, caring and kind. Especially Terry, Katherine, Marylin, Angie and Johanna, who I see on every visit. I have been going to Dr Weiss’ office on a continual basis for years for allergy shots and other issues. He is also an ENT. There is also an audiologist on staff. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his staff for all of your ENT, Allergy, Sinus and Hearing issues


Everyone I interact with at this office is always pleasant. I trust Dr Weiss and his staff to make the best decisions for my case. Allergist Johanna is efficient and kind. Office worker Marilyn is one of my favorite people there, always takes time to smile, greet, and chat, making sure I get all my general questions addressed and directing me to consult with various members of the medical team. . . . Everyone at the office is helpful and professional.

This has to be one of the best experiences I have ever had going to a Dr. office. Check in was fast and friendly, barely sat down before being called to the back. The staff is incredible, including Dr. Weiss. Super friendly, patient, again, fantastic experience. Totally recommend.

I would recommend Dr. Weiss. The exam was what I needed. He helped with my hearing loss and allergies. I am now on the right path to hear and breath. 🙂

I love the staff and Jennifer Cantu’s, NP, Dr. Weiss, Marilyn, Terry are all amazing!!!! Very efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable!!! Also their new building is so clean and fancy!!! Easy to park right up front and everything!!

I had my first appointment today, staff was very professional and knowledgeable.

Excellent staff and service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Great Doctors and Great Team. Will always make you feel comfortable and will not leave you without answering all your questions.


I was referred to the clinic for surgery…the office staff was awesome from the time I first arrived till the day I had my post-surgical appt. they were kind and knowledgeable. Dr Weiss answered all my questions regarding my problem and upcoming surgery. He immediately made me comfortable. Before and after the surgery, he was there to answer my questions as well….Thank you, Dr Weiss and your wonderful staff for making me comfortable during this uncertain time. I highly recommend you.


Dr. Weiss came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He and his NP have done a wonderful job with my son’s ear tube placement and continued management. The office staff are also very kind and efficient. They offer short wait times and have been very accommodating to my sometimes fussy 3 yr old. Thank you all!

Dr. Weiss is an excellent doctor. The staff is very friendly. Highly recommend this office.

Such a great doctor & wonderful ladies in the office! 🙂 Highly recommend.

Great Dr and staff! My sinuses are great and I can finally breathe out of my nose. Everyone is very helpful and informative. Very happy I was referred here and had my septoplasty here.


Excellent and professional and caring employees.

Dr. Weiss is simply the best. Very gentle, kind, informative and willing to answer every question. The staff is friendly and helpful. All around excellent experience.

I recommend Dr. Weiss for all your ear care! I had something going on with my ear called their office up a Friday and I had an appointment for that Monday. He is super professional and I didn’t feel a thing! That’s a win win for me!

Dr. Weiss is officially the best doctor ever. The staff is amazing. They all have so much patience that’s for sure! I’m one of those patients that is scared and has anxiety of everything and anything medical. They remained patient with me and showed empathy throughout my healing process. Dr. Weiss performed balloon Sinuplasty on me. Before surgery, my headaches were so severe due to severe and chronic sinusitis. The daily pain was unbearable I couldn’t even function for daily life. I was in tears everyday from so much pain. This surgery has changed my life. I no longer have headaches and I’m so close almost fully recovered from surgery. Dr. Weiss listened to all of my questions and concerns. The nurses really put up with me to 😅 I’m so thankful I have this doctor. Now I am continuing my office visits with allergy shots to maintain allergies and the nurses are so kind weekly. Seriously… if you have headaches and sinus issues. Go see Dr. Weiss. I had a life changing experience!

I am so grateful for Dr Weiss and his staff! I was so used to my chronic rhinitis and allergies that I felt like I would never be able to breathe through my nose again. Dr Weiss took my concerns seriously and set up a treatment plan right away. Now I can breathe clearly and freely and my allergy symptoms are a fraction of what they used to be. On top of that, everyone is friendly and they’re prompt with their appointment times, no waiting around forever to be seen like many offices. If you’re having sinus issues I highly recommend seeing if they can help you too.

Our family has been traveling from Laredo to Corpus Christi for the past 8 years to see Dr. Todd Weiss. Why, because he was the only Doctor who was able to find my son’s ear problem! (Allergies) Unfortunately Laredo is medically underserved. Dr. Weiss and staff have been a blessing to our family! Dr. Weiss is so gentle and has all the patience in the world with our son. I would not let anyone else touch his ears unless recommended by him. Johanna is great too, she always remembers us and our situation. My boys didn’t mind getting weekly shots from her. They both loved her. And we love our chats with Marilyn on the way out too. She takes into consideration that we travel before setting our next appt. I highly recommend anyone having issues with their ears or allergies to make an appointment asap! Best ENT specialist in south Texas.

Had an appointment today. Everyone was super nice!

Wonderful experience. The Staff is amazing!

Dr. Weiss is absolutely amazing! I always feel comfortable leaving both his office and the surgical center.

I was impressed with the way the staff made me feel comfortable in this time of crisis with COVID-19! They were exceptionally well organized, professional and very reassuring while maintaining a safe place for my health care needs to be taken care of. Dr. Weiss was very well spoken and I was thoroughly impressed by how much attention he paid to details in my medical history and treatment plans.

Excellent care. Friendly staff & clean facilities.

Wonderful staff, answered all my questions.

After my daughter suffered for 16 years under care of other ENT and Pediatricians called CCENT out of desperation. Dr Weiss and his staff were the kindest and most compassionate group I’ve ever met. They treated our concerns as their top priority. She had surgery last week and she’s been doing great.

I highly recommend Dr. Weiss. Him and his staff are always amazing. I had surgery a month ago and went it scared and Dr. Weiss reassured that everything was going to be ok. Everything was great!

Dr. Weiss is an amazing doctor ! The staff is very kind and courteous. Dr. Weiss takes his time with you and listens , really listens to you. My allergy problems were a nightmare before I started seeing Dr. Weiss, now there’s a light at the end of tunnel!

I had my first visit with Dr. Weiss and staff. From the minute I checked in to the time I checked out, everyone made me feel so welcome. Dr. Weiss thoroughly put me at ease, listened to my concerns, and explained results of his tests. The whole staff was professional and warm. Highly recommend Dr. Weiss and staff”!!

Great staff! They are all kind and very professional. Have brought my son here for years. Nurse Practitioner Jennifer has been very thorough and informative.

I was very satisfied with the services I received on every visit. I was really impressed with how friendly and nice the whole staff was. Dr. Weiss was so easy to talk to and was very caring. Johanna the Clinical Coordinator took really good care of me and put me at ease during my allergy test. She is really easy to talk to. The girls in the front have treated me very well and I’ve felt welcome at every visit. I highly recommend Corpus Christi Ent!!

Dr. Weiss is a wonderful and caring Pediatric ENT doctor and both the front and back office are always very courteous and personable to me.

I was very satisfied with the services I received on every visit. I was really impressed with how friendly and nice the whole staff was. Dr. Weiss was so easy to talk to and was very caring. Johanna the nurse took really good care of and put me at ease during my allergy test. She is really easy to talk to. The girls in the front have treated me very well and I’ve felt welcome at every visit. I highly recommend Corpus Christi ENT!!

My mother was having terrible ear pain, went to her primary Doctor and they did not find a remedy for her pain, then she went to an urgent care and they told her that she may need to go to an ENT. She was able to be scheduled the next day. They did same day treatment yesterday, and she could not stop talking about her great experience and how gentle they were with her. Today she is feeling so much better and is herself again. Thank y’all for taking care of my mom.

Recently had my last appointment with them after having a procedure done. Definitely recommend, they are so nice and and very welcoming.


The whole front staff was amazing they make you feel very welcomed. l have been suffering with ear pain for quite awhile and explained to Valerie all my symptoms she was very easy to talk and made me feel comfortable. Jennifer came in to get all the details with everything. She was thorough and to the point in how we had to take care of my infected ear. Even leaving Marilyn made me feel great about all proper paper work and next appointment needed. I used to go to the one on Alameda never going back found myself found myself a new Ear establishment.

Awesome service! Made me feel welcomed from the moment I arrived.

My 4yr recently visited for a new consult and I was impressed with the exceptional customer service the staff has. Dr Weiss was great with my son and took time and had patience with a toddler. He has exceptional bedside manner and explained everything about what needed to be done. I truly appreciate this experience and wish his previous ENT doctor had the same patience. It was a great change and I feel completely comfortable trusting Dr. Weiss with my sons care.
Thank you to his staff— the ladies there are top notch!

Totally recommend his office hands down! Can’t wait to give more references to this office!

Love the Staff , Especially Ms. Marilynn, Angie, Valerie, Dayana, Dr. Todd Weiss. Love the Dr., he spends Time and Explains what’s Next. He’s Very Professional, Kind. We Recommend him.

Dr. Weiss is very very nice. He took time to explain everything that the Ct Scan showed on my sinuses. His staff is very friendly and makes you feel like they have known you forever. I was definitely greeted with a smile and I left with a smile. I would highly recommend Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy to any one that needs an ENT Doctor.

I really enjoy the staff including Dr. Weiss. They are all very friendly and patient. I do not feel rushed. I know they have to be busy but they don’t let it affect their time with me. They take the time to make sure I’m comfortable and understand what’s going on with me. They are fast, efficient and friendly! Everything you can ask for when visiting a doctor’s office. I love how they have their own in office CT scanner now too!😁 They loved my Whataburger gear to that I wore to my visit so I had to share!

Dr. Weiss and his NP Jennifer are great at what they do. I had been suffering with migraines for years before I was recommended by a dentist to see an ENT after he noticed my sinus cavities were full of fluid. This is when I realized my headaches were caused by my sinuses. I started out with prescriptions to see if that would help, but after no relief they recommended a balloon sinuplasty. I had the procedure done in August 2022 and haven’t had one sinus infection since. I no longer wake up with horrible migraines. This has been the best experience that I’ve had with a doctor. The staff is amazing, Dr. Weiss was patient and answered all my questions during my follow up appointments. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to see and ENT.


This was my very first visit and I received excellent care from Dr. Weiss and his staff the entire time that I was there. Everyone was so kind, caring and professional. I was treated so well and felt valued as a patient unlike my experience with the other Ear, Nose and Throat Associates across town. After my exam, Dr. Weiss thoroughly explained his diagnosis of my problem and I am finally seeing and having excellent results. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his staff and will refer my family and friends to Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy, also.


Today was my first visit to Dr. Weiss and I was greeted with a big smile and warm ness. He was very throughout the exam and I certainly recommend him for his services. Kudos to the staff as well as they were all very nice and helpful. This type of office atmosphere is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.


Impressive new facility with state-of-the-art equipment and helpful happy staff! Marilynn was particularly friendly and efficient!


Dr. Weiss and his staff are amazing! He takes his time with his patients and answers questions fully and in terminology that everyone can understand. Calls to his nurse are always returned quickly! Highly recommended!


Dr. Todd Weiss was very professional and informative. The staff was very helpful with all my questions. Dr Weiss discovered polyps in my nose due to bad allergies and gave a remedy I am satisfied with. I highly recommend Dr Todd Weiss. Excellent Dr.


I had many mouth problems for as long as o can remember. After deciding to not hp back to one i was seeing, my er doc i worked with recommended dr. Weiss. appt next day and was in my first surgery. He was brave and fearless. Thank you for all you did. Thank you will never be enough.


Confident and Knowledgeable. My nose would not stop bleeding and he knew the order of things to do. He did one thing to my nose, saw another patient, saw my bleeding had not stopped, so did the next thing, repeatedly until my nose stopped bleeding. So great ENT. The best I or my son have had.


I want to thank Dr. Weiss and the staff for taking care of my daughter. Angie in accounting was super sweet. She took us through everything we needed to do. The staff that assisted my daughter in her exam was great and Dr. Weiss did amazing on her surgery. He was so informative and pleasant to talk to. Thanks for being kind in moments when we need it the most. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

GREAT from start to finish! I had a terrible sinus infection that had gone on for 2 months. Everyone, from his front office staff to the nurses to Angelita the “insurance lady” were awesome. I had to have a Balloon Sinuplasty. The procedure was painless, the Anesthesiologist was awesome, and I have my life back. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks to you all!


I just left Dr Weiss’ office and I have to say it was such a pleasant experience! I had not been to this clinic before but the second I walked into the office I was greeted with the largest smile from all three people in reception!!! You don’t find that often! You don’t find that often in CC. Dr Weiss was soft spoken and explained my X-ray results, treatments and solutions! Totally impressed with this practice!


Excellent care, excellent staff. Very knowledgeable, very patient in explaining procedures and outcomes. Put us at ease when faced with a medical issue, explained the treatment in language we could understand, then followed up once the procedure was complete.


After some serious test results my PCP called Dr. Weiss personally, and even though it was late on a Friday, Dr. Weiss immediately consulted on my results, ordered meds and tests, and somehow fit me in for an appt days later (ENTs are booked for months ahead here). He. Is. The Nicest. Man. So kind and reassuring, really listened, made sure I understood what was going on. No long waiting in the exam room, either, and test results immediately available. Office staff so nice, too!


Excellent. He was professional, knowledgeable, a good listener and the out patient surgery could not have been more pleasant. All staff excellent.

Dr Weiss is attentive and seems to really care about his patients. Been to at least 5 ENT’s without any real help till I came here. Although we are still working to relieve all my symptoms he has solved 50% to date. I am no longer a mouth breather, I can breathe through my nose again! I have absolute confidence he can at least manage my other issues I have after this big one was was done though sinuplasty. It was not really painful and within a week I felt much better and I can breath at night. The nurses are the best also a truly great group of individuals. Got sinus issues? Go see him and his team, they will not let you down.

Dr. Weiss is kind, informative, genuine, and most importantly, an excellent surgeon. His staff members are also helpful and friendly. I had a septoplasty and turbinectomy with Dr. Weiss and the ability to breathe was immediate. I am so incredibly pleased with the outcome.

From first visit, procedure to final follow-up, Dr Weiss and and all of his staff were true professionals. I was apprehensive having never had any procedure performed. They made me feel at ease and was a non painful event. Dr Weiss is a great listener, has one of the best personalities, and most of all, is very skilled and knowledgeable. I recommend him to anyone who has the need for a professional ENT


From the minute you walk in the door, the staff are all friendly & efficient. They treat you like you are family and not a number. Dr. Weiss is excellent and actually listens to your concerns. Also it’s refreshing to be in an office that runs on schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his staff.

You guys are awesome! Every time we come here the staff have been extremely helpful and professional. Marilynn was especially helpful in helping us set up dates for our next appointment.

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