Summer Sinuses

Summer sinus and allergy symptoms in the Coastal Bend are quite common. Allergens encountered during the hot summers are primarily weeds, grass and mold. Bermuda and Timothy grass are at one of their highest levels during the summer heat. Pigweed and sagebrush are common summer weeds. Additionally, with increased rain comes increased mold. Heat and […]

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What Causes Post Nasal Drip?

Postnasal drip is a common symptom for patients in the Coastal Bend. The primary source for this is inflammation in the back of the nose caused by either allergic or non-allergic sources. Irritation at the mucosal surface causes the mucin glands to secrete mucus. While environmental pollens are the most common cause, other sources such as chemical […]

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Does Sinusitis Lead to Bronchitis or Asthma?

Sinusitis, both acute and chronic, if not adequately treated can lead to bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia. Although it is not the cause for asthma, it can lead to asthma exacerbations. Sinus infections are infections of the upper respiratory tract, and generally lead to symptoms that include headaches, sinus pressure, discolored nasal mucus, and nasal congestion. In certain […]

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What Causes Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion is a common symptom. Successful treatment for this condition depends upon correct diagnosis. The two underlying reasons for nasal congestion are inflammatory and structural, and both often coexist. Inflammatory causes primarily include allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Structural causes include a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, and sometimes nasal or sinus polyps. Frequently people have underlying allergy in addition […]

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Winter Allergies

Winter can be the worst allergy season for some individuals in south Texas.  Mountain Cedar (Juniperus ashei) is the most common culprit.  This type of drought resistant evergreen Juniper tree is seen throughout south Texas, especially in the Hill Country. The winter north wind brings the antigen to the Coastal Bend and can produce a condition known as […]

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What is the Nasal Cycle?

The nasal cycle is the spontaneous congestion and decongestion of the nasal mucosa during the day, where congestion of one side is accompanied by reciprocal decongestion of the contralateral side. This usually occurs every 4-8 hours. In patients without nasal congestion this generally goes unnoticed. However in patients who suffer from nasal allergies, nasal obstruction from septal deviation, or chronic […]

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Sinus Headache or Migraine Headache?

Patients who suffer from headaches often find it difficult to determine the exact cause. Severe sinus headaches can be confused with migraine headaches, and some people can suffer from both conditions, where sinus headaches can even be a trigger for migraine headaches. Sinus headaches often involve the cheeks, forehead, or retro orbital (behind the eye) locations. These […]

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Can I Take Allergy Medicine if I Have High Blood Pressure?

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, especially in the Coastal Bend. A common concern that we encounter when treating allergy patients is that they would like to try allergy medicine but are afraid that it will elevate blood pressure.  In general, most allergy medicine is safe to use in patients with underlying high blood pressure. […]

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Inferior Turbinate Reduction

The inferior turbinates are the largest of 3 sets of turbinates that naturally occur within each nasal cavity. They are thin bones lined by mucosa whose purpose is to humidify air via surface area during nasal inspiration. The inferior turbinates are located near the nasal floor, and are often referred to as the bulbous structures that […]

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In-office Balloon Sinuplasty With Anesthesia Sedation

At Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy, not only do we provide our patients with the most advanced office based 3D image guidance technology for sinus procedures, but we also perform these procedures with Anesthesia sedation. We have local Board Certified Anesthesiologists who administer IV sedation during the procedure to maximize comfort and safety. You will not […]

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