Can I Take Allergy Medicine if I Have High Blood Pressure?

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Person getting their blood pressure taken

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, especially in the Coastal Bend.

A common concern that we encounter when treating allergy patients is that they would like to try allergy medicine but are afraid that it will elevate blood pressure.  In general, most allergy medicine is safe to use in patients with underlying high blood pressure.

Regarding specific mechanisms of action, antihistamines and nasal steroids will not elevate blood pressure when used as directed.

Decongestants, however, should be avoided as they are known to elevate blood pressure as a side effect. Also, over the counter sinus and cold remedies often contain combinations of medicines, and therefore should be avoided if one of their ingredients is a decongestant. It is always best to check with your doctor prior to taking a medicine if you are unsure about its safety.

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