Winter Allergies

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Woman dealing with winter allergies

Winter can be the worst allergy season for some individuals in south Texas.  Mountain Cedar (Juniperus ashei) is the most common culprit.  This type of drought resistant evergreen Juniper tree is seen throughout south Texas, especially in the Hill Country. The winter north wind brings the antigen to the Coastal Bend and can produce a condition known as cedar fever.

Frequently people feel that they have the flu, but actually are having an allergic reaction to cedar pollen.

Cedar fever does not actually cause a fever. Mold allergy is another common winter allergen. This is prominent in the outdoor air late winter to early spring, especially during the rainy season. Christmas tree allergy is seen in patients who are allergic to the pine pollen, and also mold spores on the tree itself. Cold urticaria is another reaction seen when skin is exposed to the cold winter air.

At Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy we provide comprehensive allergy evaluation and treatment planning for patients suffering allergy symptoms during any season.

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