Does Sinusitis Lead to Bronchitis or Asthma?

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Woman coughingSinusitis, both acute and chronic, if not adequately treated can lead to bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia.

Although it is not the cause for asthma, it can lead to asthma exacerbations. Sinus infections are infections of the upper respiratory tract, and generally lead to symptoms that include headaches, sinus pressure, discolored nasal mucus, and nasal congestion. In certain patients, however, the infection can result in lower respiratory symptoms such as cough and chest congestion, eventually turning into bronchitis, sometimes even pneumonia.

This typically occurs from infected post nasal drainage entering the lungs. While this method of spread can happen in anyone, it is more common in patients with underlying comorbidities and the immunocompromised. While acute sinusitis is common and easily treated by your primary care physician, chronic sinusitis often requires specialized treatment for resolution.

At Corpus Christi ENT Sinus & Allergy, we specialize in treating patients with chronic sinusitis.

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