Five Advances in Hearing Technology

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Man with hearing aid looking at phoneHearing aids have come a long way over the last several years. Advances in digital technology and electronics in general have resulted in some incredible new devices. This list will outline 5 of the recent advances in hearing aid technology. This list is in no way comprehensive and please keep in mind that not all Brands or Models will have all of these features.

1. Miniturization

Advances in technology have led to all sorts of electronics being made smaller and smaller. This includes hearing aids. Most hearing aids today are small and lightweight making them comfortable to wear and very inconspicuous. Even aids that sit on the back of the ear can be very small and difficult to see. This makes them more cosmetically appealing.

2. Built-in Bluetooth

One of the newest trends in hearing aids is Bluetooth built into the hearing aid. This means that an individual wearing a hearing aid can pair their hearing aids to their cell phones or Bluetooth capable devices and stream phone calls, music, or podcasts, all without the need for an intermediate device or cord. Bluetooth connectivity in the past was something hearing aids wearers had to forego or was cumbersome because they had to have an additional device to communicate between the phone and the hearing aids.

3. Rechargeables

While rechargeable hearing aids have been available for some time, they are becoming more readily available and more reliable. Rechargeable hearing aid are nice for people who find it difficult to or just don’t want to change batteries on a regular basis. Most aids will fully charge in 3-5 hours and will hold a charge for 20-25 hours, allowing for all day use.

4. Accessories

We have a multitude of accessories available for those who need a little more assistance hearing than just a hearing aid alone. Some examples include a TV link to connect the hearing aids to the TV so you have a more direct TV audio signal, a remote microphone so you can hear a single person speaking (such as a loved one in a difficult listening situation or at a lecture),

5. Apps for smart phones

Most manufacturers offer an Application (App) you can download to your smartphone. Some apps are simple remote controls allowing the hearing aid wearer to adjust the volume on the hearing aids. Other Apps will tell you how much battery life you have left, and left you change your listening program to best suit your listening environment. They might let you adjust the sound quality and even save the program, so that the next time you go to that location you can return to that program.

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