TruDi™ is the First True 3D Navigation for Office Sinus Surgery

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TruDi Navigation SystemTruDi™ is the first true 3D navigation platform in Otolaryngology that has proprietary navigation-enabled balloons and instruments.  It constructs a 3D visual of the sinuses to give ENT surgeons an accurate, simple and reliable option for their endoscopic sinus procedures.

Dr. Weiss is proud to offer TruDi real-time image guidance for ENT sinus procedures performed in his office.

TruDi is an electromagnetic image-guided navigation system designed for accurate and reliable navigation of instruments through the narrow and complex anatomy of the sinuses during endoscopic sinus surgery procedures.

Dr. Weiss uses this technology on all of his office balloon sinuplasty surgeries in order to achieve increased precision with the balloon placement, which in turn leads to improved patient outcomes. This technology also decreases the overall procedure time as Dr. Weiss can more quickly guide the balloon to the target destination without damaging any surrounding tissue. Less operative time with improved results leads to greatly improved patient satisfaction with the procedure.

We now are using an anesthesiologist to provide conscious sedation for all of our in office sinus cases.

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