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I Hate That Sound!

There has been a growing awareness over the last several years of an auditory phenomenon. It is called Misophonia. Quite literally, Misophonia is a hatred of sound. Individuals with Misophonia have extreme reactions to certain sounds we hear every day. They are actually hypersensitive to the sound. We probably all have certain sounds that give […]

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Why I Love Audiology, Episode 7 – Audiology Humor

Probably every profession has its own inside jokes. Ones that only people with similar jobs can understand. Audiology is no different. Some of the jokes are related to commonly used terms, while others are about the profession in general. Cartoons are common, showing the structures of the ear as lively little creatures misbehaving. Lots of […]

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Dementia and Hearing Loss

For years we have been told that reading, playing logic games, doing puzzles, and being active in society will help keep our brains healthy. It turns out that now being an active listener may also help. There is increasing evidence that there may be a link between Dementia and untreated hearing loss. Not that the […]

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Does Sinusitis Lead to Bronchitis or Asthma?

Sinusitis, both acute and chronic, if not adequately treated can lead to bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia. Although it is not the cause for asthma, it can lead to asthma exacerbations. Sinus infections are infections of the upper respiratory tract, and generally lead to symptoms that include headaches, sinus pressure, discolored nasal mucus, and nasal congestion. In certain […]

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What Causes Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion is a common symptom. Successful treatment for this condition depends upon correct diagnosis. The two underlying reasons for nasal congestion are inflammatory and structural, and both often coexist. Inflammatory causes primarily include allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Structural causes include a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, and sometimes nasal or sinus polyps. Frequently people have underlying allergy in addition […]

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Can Medications Cause Hearing Loss?

Can medications cause me to lose my hearing? The quick and easy answer is yes. But not every medication can. We have all seen the listed side effects on the paperwork when we pick up a prescription. These documents list the most common or severe side effects. The majority of medications are not harmful to […]

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My Ears Hurt!

Otalgia, or ear pain, may come from a variety of causes. Primary otalgia originates in the ear itself. Referred otalgia comes from sources near the ear, such as TMJ disorder. Common causes of primary otalgia include infection, middle ear effusion or fluid, and negative middle ear pressure. Negative pressure is seen in patients with Eustachian […]

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How Often Should I Have a Hearing Test?

Most people will easily schedule an annual physical, have yearly eye exams, see a dentist twice a year, and even perform routine maintenance on their car. But how often does someone schedule a routine hearing test? Do you remember the last time you had your hearing tested? Undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to other issues […]

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Winter Allergies

Winter can be the worst allergy season for some individuals in south Texas.  Mountain Cedar (Juniperus ashei) is the most common culprit.  This type of drought resistant evergreen Juniper tree is seen throughout south Texas, especially in the Hill Country. The winter north wind brings the antigen to the Coastal Bend and can produce a condition known as […]

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